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About Us

Business Location:

8600 NW 30th Terrace, Doral, Florida 33122


Ariel & Leira’s Distributing, LLC

Ariel & Leira’s Distributing is a privately held food/beverage + distribution company originated in 2016 in South Florida. A&Ls was created by two sibling after the need for independence when they became parent-less. Partnering with their father’s colleague daughters, they decided to evolve by opening a distribution company to import and distribute their own line of drinks. Therefore, A&Ls is known as the U.S+ exclusive distributor of the new retro style and enjoyably versatile drink “Spirit Drink.”

Our mission is to enhance the human lifestyle by promoting and supplying fine quality beverages.

Our message at A&L’s is to encourage safe, no jitters, and healthier drinking. We want to help educate energy drinkers, coffee drinkers, and consumers who simply enjoy a good drink!


 Meet our Members-

A&L’s members include a private business contractor that specializes in advertising and business/tax consulting, formally working as an ad consultant/director for the company IBM, in addition to, working in the field of automotive advertising advising on commercials and marketing strategy with top companies such as Mercedes Benz, Audi, and Honda. Moreover, our team of 1-10 members includes executive assistants, sales/event reps, and a public relation group of hard-working and honest people.

Our company strives on providing exceptional services as our customer satisfaction is extremely vital. We encourage all to call our offices or email customersrv@ariel-leiradistribution.com with any question and/or concerns.